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Customers of Brookbank Stockport may now know that the Brookbank business failed and went into Administration in December 2012. All the Brookbank shops were closed in December and the Administrators wound the business up.

Whilst we are concerned for those that lost their jobs and the creditors who lost a lot of money it must be said that "it is an ill wind that blows nobody any good". Canoe Shops Group has needed a good outlet in the Manchester area for a number of years to complete it's logistics cycle and make access to our existing customers easier.


Manchester Canoes is very well placed to service the areas formerly covered by Brookbank Stockport, Brookbank Lancaster and Brookbank Carlisle. The business has been located strategically to make your journeys and our logistics as pain free as possible.


Our existing stores Norfolk Canoes and Brighton Canoes can similarly service the area formerly covered by Brookbank London.


Manchester canoes is all about service to our trade and retail customers. It will stock all the popular paddlesport product and have very quick access to non-stock product. Being part of The Canoe Shops (Group) Limited helps guarantee service and delivery. The Canoe Shops (Group) Limited is a family run business which all started on a BCU 1 Star Course with the Port of PLymouth Canoeing Asoociation in the 1990's. Canoe Shops Group has had the same owners from the beginning and we are totally independant of any and all supplier/manufacturer interest. Furthermore we only supply product we would be happy paddling ourselves.