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Sit On Top Kayaks

Types of Sit On Top Kayaks For Sale

Sit On Top Kayaks or commonly abbreviated to SOT's are the most popular form of kayaks used throughout the world. Extremely safe, as they are virtually unsinkable and can be climbed back onto (with a little practice) in the event of a capsize or unintentional dismount. Due to their popularity, there is a vast array of different models from leading manufactures to suit everyone's paddling style and ability. They can be used by families or couples for beach days, exploring inland waterways and are also proving to be extremely popular with anglers keen to explore new waters. The downside to SOT's (compared to closed cockpit/sit inside kayaks) is that the paddler is exposed to the elements and it is harder to get a secure fit in the kayak for skills such as eskimo rolling or tackling those bigger conditions.

If you need more information on sit-on-top kayaks or would like to view a particular model of kayak in-store please contact us on 01925 818437 or by Email. All of our staff are enthusiastic paddlers and have plenty of SOT paddling experience.

Single Person/Solo

Single Sit On Top Kayaks

Our best selling kayaks, these single seaters are perfect for all-round use. 9ft is considered a general purpose length, whereas the longer models are better for covering longer distances.


Tandem Sit On Top Kayaks

For families and couples who like to share their on-water experiences. Most of these can also be paddled by one person. These are significantly heavier than a single person SOT.


Fishing Kayaks

Fitted with onboard features that kayak anglers look for, from rod holders through to fish-finder mountings. These kayaks generally have a higher carrying capacity for more equipment.

Inflatable Kayaks

For those not wishing to transport their kayak on a vehicle roofrack system or trailer, or paddlers tight on storage space. Inflatable SOT's pack down to a fraction of their size.

Pedal Drive

Pedal Drive Kayaks

Utilising strong leg muscles, rather than arms and shoulders, these pedal drive kayaks are popular for hands free kayaking, yet can also be paddled traditionally if desired.

Sit On Top Equipment

Sit On Top Equipment

Click here to view our best selling Sit On Top Kayaking equipment and accessories. From brands such as Feelfree, Perception, Scotty, Werner Paddles and Railblaza.