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Thule Roof Rack Parts

Thule foot-packs, fitting kits and roof bars.

Most Thule roof rack systems are comprised of different parts, so that their leading roof bar technology can be fitted to the majority of modern vehicles. If you want to upgrade yours existing bars, are looking for a specific part, or changing your vehicle, then we can supply these individual components to help you to achieve this. Contact Us or call us on 01925 818437 with any questions.

Thule Foot Packs

Thule Foot Packs

The majority of Thule roofbar systems will require a Thule Foot Pack to seat the bars onto the vehicle. We supply all the common footpacks to complement Thule roofbars and fitting kits. Use our roof rack selector to find the Thule foot pack you require for your vehicle.

Roof Bars

Thule offer a variety of different roofbars, to suit the needs and look of the user. All of the Evo Wingbars, Probars, Slidebars and Wingbar Edge have an enclosed T-track system, making it easier to fit roof-boxes, cycle and kayak carriers. Use our roof rack selector to find the correct size of Thule Roof Bars for your vehicle.

Fitting Kits

Fitting Kits

Most modern vehicles will have a unique roof profile, so Thule have developed vehicle specific fitting kits to ensure a safe, strong connection of the bars, and footpack onto the vehicle. Use our roof rack selector to find the correct Roofrack Fitting Kit for your vehicle.

Smart Racks

Vehicles with existing raised roof-rails can benefit from a universal Thule smart rack system. With everything in one box, including footpacks, and 2x aerodynamic bars with built in T-tracks. Use our roof rack selector to find the correct size of Thule Smart Rack for your vehicle.