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Werner Odachi

Racing White Water Paddle

Designed for winning races, but equally good in the hands of powerful paddlers looking to make fast lines.

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Werner Odachi paddle

Werner Odachi carbon kayak padlde

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Werner Odachi


The Werner Odachi paddle has been designed from scratch with extreme racing in mind, but this is no one trick pony... If you’re a well conditioned paddler looking for the combination of large surface area and high power performance paddles these are well worth consideration. The subtle scoop to the blade and shaped tip create a fast and powerful catch as well as maintaining the vertical stroke for longer.
The foam core construction used on Werner Ultimate Paddles provides added buoyancy to your blades, improving their brace, release and rolling power. The all new smooth design shape to the back of the Odachi creates a smoother, drag-free feel on directional strokes whilst enabling a consistent feel throughout the forward stroke. This is twinned with Werner’s tried and tested Dynel edging to protect the blade integrity from any encounters with rocks you may find, allowing you to worry about your line....not your paddle!


  • With an increased blade to shaft offset, this blade forward design gives a more powerful catch and more verticality through the power phase.
  • Greater dihedral to stabilize powerful forward strokes through turbulent conditions.
  • Long blade length (49cm) provides greater leverage.
  • Race inspired blade tip. Symmetrical shape for more surface area, for more efficiency when matching a more vertical race stroke. Subtle scoop for more purchase.
  • Along with carbon bent and straight shafts, we’ve optimized materials and manufacturing techniques to obtain lower weight, remain strong and provide a comfortable flex. Less fatigue on your body overall, for the longer races.
  • Because you still hit rocks when you go fast, Dynel® edging is highly abrasion and impact resistant. Protecting the fine-tuned carbon blades from the elements.
  • NOTE. Design features that make this paddle fast, also make for a unique feel in your hands. Bracing and rolling are different. With our proven River Running line up to round out your quiver, we did not intend the Odachi to be an all around paddle.
  • Although our Ultimate performance paddles are far and away our best paddling, their unique design characteristics and materials do not make them our most impact resistant. Look to our Premium paddles for the highest impact resistance.
  • Feather Angle: 1-piece options- unfeathered, Right hand control or left hand control, up to 90 degrees, in 5 degree increments. 2-piece and 4-piece options not available.
  • Read our Advanced Designs + Advanced Fit section below for even more information on this paddle.


  • Lenght: 197cm or 200cm
  • Straight or bent shaft
  • Blade surface area: 735 cm2
  • Blade Length x Width: 49cm x 20.5cm

Shaft Type


werner straight shaft kayak paddle

Straight Shaft

  • More traditional feeling and generally less expensive.
  • The lightest weight option available.
  • Continuous length allows for easy hand movement.

Bent Shaft

werner bent shaft

  • Neutral bent shafts naturally aligns wrists to reduce fatigue
  • More hand to shaft contact for increased control
  • Immediate comfort and reduced strain with lighter grip
  • Light weight with Werner durability
  • Balanced for precise control and comfort


Nationwide delivery available for the Werner Odachi. The price for delivery will be shown in the website basket prior to checkout. For full details on delivery please see: Delivery Information

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Nationwide Click & Collect available for the Werner Odachi. Collection for orders placed online can be made from any of our Canoe Shops UK Stores. For full details on our Click & Collect service, please see: Nationwide Click & Collect

For further help and information about the Werner Odachi, please call us on 01925 818437