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Solo Lightweight Canoes and Open Boats

Canoes and Pack Boats hand-built from modern, ultralightweight and strong composite materials.

Not everyone wants to canoe in tandem with a paddling partner and many prefer the independence of a solo canoe or pack boat when taking to the water. The main advantage of owning a solo canoe is weight (they are often smaller than 2-person canoes), more manoeuvrable and easier to lift, carry, and transport on a vehicle (especially when loading up alone). Pack boats are also narrow enough to easily use a double-bladed kayak paddle from a sitting position, and many people prefer the support of a pack boat seat, rather than a traditional canoe seat.

If you have any questions relating to lightweight canoes or would like to discuss a custom boat build (from either Swift or Nova Craft) and how to pre-order into the UK, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with of the team here at Manchester Canoes who would be happy to help.


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Nova Craft Trapper 12

Nova Craft Trapper 12

Stable, manoeuvrable canoe, suitable for flatwater use.

Weights from 17.2kg (Tuffstuff)


Swift Canoes Pack 12.6

Swift Pack 12.6

Designed to be used with a double-ended paddle.

Weights from 10.9kg (Kevlar Fusion)


Swift Canoes Prospector

Swift Prospector 13

What could be the smallest/shortest Prospector ever built.

Weights from 10.9kg (Kevlar Fusion)


Swift Canoes Flashfire

Swift Flashfire (13)

A classic, high-performance canoe for experienced paddlers.

Weights from 11.8kg (Kevlar Fusion)

Swift Canoes Pack 13.8

Swift Pack 13.8

A popular sized pack-boat, with good manoeuvrability.

Weights from 11.9kg (Kevlar Fusion)


Swift Canoes Prospector 14

Swift Prospector 14

The most popular Swift solo canoe in North America.

Weights from 13.2kg (Kevlar Fusion)


Nova Craft Prospector 14

Nova Craft Prospector 14

A stable, traditional canoe for exploring, fishing and photography.

Weights from 19.96kg (Tuffstuff)

Nova Craft Fox 14 Tuffstuff Canadain Canoe

Novacraft Fox 14

A fast, cruising canoe for longer journeys and day touring.

Weights from 19.1kg (Tuffstuff)


Swift Canoes Wildfire

Swift Wildfire (14)

An advanced, fast cruising canoe based on a classic.

Weights from 12.7kg (Kevlar Fusion)


Swift Canoes Dragonly

Swift Dragonfly (14.6)

A lively, nimble much sought-after classic solo canoe.

Weights from 13.2kg (Kevlar Fusion)

Swift Canoes Pack 14.8

Swift Cruiser 14.8 (Pack)

Swift’s best-selling pack boat size, at a nice, useable length.

Weights from 11.8kg (Kevlar Fusion)


Swift Cruiser 16.8 (Solo or Pack)

Extremely fast and efficient, great for tripping and training.

Weights from 13.6kg (Kevlar Fusion)

We import the best-selling, lightweight canoes based on UK paddlers requirements and these are displayed here on our website. However, these manufacturers do offer a huge array of material options, outfitting choices and custom builds. If you would like to design you own ‘super canoe’ or are looking for a model or spec. not shown on our website then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with of the team here at Manchester Canoes who would be happy to help, and discuss your potential order.